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Handy Time Zone Conversion:

Sunday, March 26, 2023 DST – Spring Forward – HST is 11 hours behind BST

Sunday 4pm BSTSunday 5am HST
Sunday 5pm BSTSunday 6am HST
Sunday 6pm BSTSunday 7am HST
Sunday 7pm BSTSunday 8am HST
Sunday 8pm BSTSunday 9am HST
Sunday 9pm BSTSunday 10am HST
Sunday 10pm BSTSunday 11am HST

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2023 DST Ends – Fall Back -HST is 10 hours behind GMT

Sunday 3pm GMTSunday 5am HST
Sunday 4pm GMTSunday 6am HST
Sunday 5pm GMTSunday 7am HST
Sunday 6pm GMTSunday 8am HST
Sunday 7pm GMTSunday 9am HST
Sunday 8pm GMTSunday 10am HST
Sunday 9pm GMTSunday 11am HST